ABOUT ME 2021.png is a lifestyle brand that seeks to cultivate the prioritization of self-care, wellness, and the normalization of mental health amongst women, especially Black women.  While Self-care is ambiguous and subjective, At Walking Affirmations are our way of helping you take on self-care, daily. Though a small part of our self-care routines, an important one. You're at your best when you feel your best. So let's be real, our outer appearance can influence our mood, vice versa.  Each pair of Walking Affirmations has a name and description with the intention to uplift, empower, and be a positive affirmation to set the mood you'll experience throughout your day. offers quarterly newsletters that cover self-care and mental health while exploring our similar experiences, to what likely brought you here, our collection of handcrafted and curated Walking Affirmations. So glad to have you!


Gems that represent and affirm you.